Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Back Story on Pauperism -- How One Gets to This State

Interested in the background and names of who caused this global mess stemming from the USA's economic -- read banking and financial -- collapse? I'm watching "Inside Job." Very concise and in laymans' (i.e. consumers') terms. I've never seen so many grown men who are supposed to be "intelligent" and "astute" financial leaders/executives chase their tails so much in trying to answer basic inquiries...and just blubbering their answers, most of which consist of a string of "uhs." Then there's the group of executives who didn't even have the cajones to be interviewed, such as Alan Greenspan among many others. Lovely!
Greed never bodes well, and these rancid, soul-less men are GREEDY beyond your wildest dreams! This film is well worth a watch...and these assholes are well deserving of an ass-kickin' by everyone in America whom they've hurt with their selfish decisions and by turning their collective "blind eyes" even when warned and called on the proverbial carpet in the beginning of the end of the collapse they so eloquently orchestrated!
What's the worst part? Obama is still cajoling with them all, has appointed quite a few of them to high-level offices in his presidency, and none -- as in not a single one -- of them have been sent to jail for their blatantly criminal activities. That's the grand ol' USA for ya!

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