Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back to Pauper Musings

Well, we got a little sidetracked of late, but I assure you we are now back on track for the core topic of this blog -- Pauper Girl Parables. Life gets in the way at times, yes? I also have to recalibrate a bit due to the fortunateness of a deluge of work this year. Make no mistake, 2010 was horrific for freelance work and that is no exaggeration, thus this blog. But...as I wanted to do with this creative outlet, of course I want the journey to have a wondrous and positive ending and we are headed in that direction. I also want to help anyone I can to overcome any obstacles based on this economy and all that comes along with that fiasco.

Which method worked to propel me forward? The SHEF method, of my own devisement. My dear friend Annamai is the only one who knows this acronym thusfar...but I promise you it works. I am proof! Curious?!

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