Friday, March 4, 2011

SHEF -- Ginger's Organic Gourmet Prayer

SHEF is an acronym for Strength, Hope, Energy, Focus -- only four components to pray for daily, but four that when I was at a very low point last year I could not even keep this minimal list in my head daily and I found these to be the four I needed most to succeed and carry on through the dark times;  I am great with acronyms and memory tricks -- voila I devised SHEF. This was top of mind several times a day, every day from October onward. Consider it SHEF -- Ginger's organic gourmet prayer, which makes it easy to recall. Give it a try or devise your own perfect recipe for change and hope.

Get "cooking" all -- mix it up and set your life path on fire. En fuego baby! ;-)

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