Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And Today Was the Day...

My mom passed peacefully this morning...2.22.2011.

Another phenomenal and beautiful tribute to my mom from Gregory Vahanian:

In honor of this morning's transition of my new friend, Ginger's mom I was moved to light a candle and say a blessing. Aware of my friend, Cathy's mom having returned Home in November, I thought to light two. Knowing full well the deep sadness that sometimes washes over me missing my own mom, Tilla, who passed on in August of 1999, I thought to light three.

I lit the candle in the middle first as a symbol of God's Love & Light. From that candle and with that flame I lit one to represent the mothers of these two friends and my own. The other two candles can be claimed by whoever reads this and can relate to this monumental transition. Your mom is honored too. Recognizing we come from the same Source and how much the Light is magnified when we come together. To Ginger, Cathy and All of Us Blessings of Comfort and Faith That The Light of Our Mothers Continues To Shine and Healing Continues To Take Place In Any Places That May Call Out For Loving Attention... God bless those Divine Beings doing their best to mother us, mother themselves and negotiate life's journey. God Bless and Guide Us All... As One, Gregory

And Christie with a photo she shot in the Caribbean last night for my mom; she's a true darling and very real...and she knows what it's like to struggle with a parent's health...>

Christie Brinkley>For Ginger and her Family, May you always find peace and comfort in joyful memories with your Mom. Prayers are with you.
And again today>
More prayers this morning and heartfelt sympathy during this sad time for Ginger and her family.
And, isn't this wonderful?! Made and sent to me by my lovely Swedish friend Emmelie Larsson! Thank you!!! XOXO

Thanks to sooo many friends locally and across the world for your loving support! XOXO to all... 

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