Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shopping at Home -- and I Don't Mean on TV or the Internet

Be stylish all the time -- and I do mean "your style" stylish!

In this tumultuous economy why not "buy" -- or should I say discover -- new clothes and shoes right in your own closet? You might be surprised at the oldies but goodies you own, many times right on down to jewelry.

For attire, I tend to have a favorite I wear at home or out for a while, then I switch to another favorite. Well, if you're like me, when you go closet diving, you might come up with some forgotten treasures. I love finding something I forgot I have because at some point I loved it, and now I have rediscovered that initial appeal! Be creative, pair unusual items. Cater to your style!

There is nothing wrong with being eclectic; this creates your personal style. As a matter of fact, eclectic is the true definition of what many consider personal style, according to urbandictionary.com>
eclectic: the less evident form of a hipster. They hold characteristics of a hipster, such as going to cafes and bookstores. They also enjoy vintage shopping, indie and foreign films. Their taste in music usually reflects that of a hipster, and is usually more along the lines of indie rock. Eclectics care about how they look, but they also like to look as if they like to read, too. They, in a large part, appreciate cultural events and lifestyles. They are the less extreme form of a hipster, and are very chill people who enjoy discussing politics or music in general with a group of their friends over a good cup of coffee or tea or --  in my case -- vino!

I, personally, have not stepped foot in Charlotte's top-flight Southpark Mall in two years -- not once. Surprisingly, I am OK with this. I will say I am fortunate I work out of my home office; I don't have to stay current on business-clothing trends to be trendy. Of course, in-person client meetings are cause for appropriate business dressing, but I have what I need for that because I have tended to buy -- in the past -- good-quality, timeless classics like a little Tahari here and there, and lotssss of black. That works. Always will.

So, with that said, why not take a little dive into the depths of your closet and drawers and see what you come up with? Happy "shopping"! ;-)

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