Thursday, January 20, 2011

Client Appreciation Day!

It's important to stop and put the thanks out there to my clients and those who network on my behalf. Solely freelancing for a living means paying attention to each lead I receive and following up  -- well and fast, not to mention being appreciative for the work. The past 18 months or so have seen a marked decrease for print publications in terms of advertising dollars = pages = less pages to fill with editorial but it is those who gave me all the work they could that helped keep my head above water. A good deal of my writing has been for magazines across the US, and I thank those who have survived the crash!

Shout-outs, in particular, go to Mark Herrmann, publisher of Urban Home Magazine in Charlotte ( who is always providing writing assignments and leads to his clients who have marketing needs as well as directing me to other Urban Home publishers in various US markets, Decision Toolbox for whom I am a business writer thanks to the lead-in from a friend and former Southern California colleague Kim Hacker Smith (, Marie-Piere Belisle Kennedy who is a FB connection in Quebec via Christie Brinkley (, and various other clients here and there who have had minor project needs.

I thank you all -- you make business a pleasure!

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