Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet Jesus...Some Days you Just Gotta Hit the Blogosphere Twice

OK, granted, my goal is to blog once a day. BUT, some days when watching the news, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, one can't help but throw in one's $1.10 worth! Today is one of those days. Sweet Jesus, today is loaded with freak shows. These caught my eye and ear>
• Rush Limbaugh attacking Nicole Kidman for having a surrogate mom...dumb
• Donald Trump defending Sarah Palin and her crosshair target map re Tucson's shootings targeting Gabby Giffords...and dumber
(*Yes, I realize Jared Lee Loughner is a demented young man but people in the public eye have to realize they are accountable for what they say in the bigger and potential scheme of things, and Palin needs to keep her mouth shut at times and omit the off-the-cuff commentary...coming from a media background, I can attest there is someone somewhere listening and literally taking everything they hear as truth. And, yes, I am a Republican, even.)
• Some woman shows up on the "Addictions" reality show who eats the stuffing out of her couches and chairs; I believe she said she has eaten seven sofas...insane
• "Toddlers and Tiaras" showing a mom who gives her daughter drugs to calm her down...the way the child was squawking on the clip, I would have been talking stun gun instead of ADHD meds
• "Driving Ms. Emily" re some fool dog owner who lets his/her dog "drive" the car and has the balls to brag about it and put it on national TV...never mind the safety of the dog. Forget the stupid owners! May you get what you deserve if you're in the car!
• Mel Gibson is under review for domestic violence charges...duh

The good news>>
• Gabby Gifford's miraculous recovery thusfar
• Gordon Murray who deserves a kudos! He died of a brain tumor Saturday but not until he delivered this power book re investing and Wall Street secrets from his days as an insider>>"The Investment Answer"
Just too much to absorb in one evening, but makes me feel quite normal -- even boring -- thankfully! How 'bout you? ;-)


  1. Let's not forget Rush doing his condescending, racist impression of Chinese on the radio not once but twice during his show. As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon!"

  2. No kidding! My jaw is on the floor tonight as I watch TV between stupidity and more stupidity!