Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Facebook with a Cause

Facebook networking is priceless -- whether you are job or client searching, working with a cause of interest to you (such as all my dog groups), or just looking for someone to talk to in the wee hours of the morning when you need a friend! In hours of need, someone is ALWAYS there! That’s priceless in moments of direness. The friends I have made on Facebook are amazing, all of them. I have become closer to some on FB than in real life -- particularly a core group of fantastic women!
***Note: My real-life friends are a very special group and will be the highlight of a future blog, trust me!

For networking I have gone from professional pride to shameless self-promotion and am proud of it! Hey, my forte is marketing! You can't afford not to promote yourself in this economy; this is non-negotiable for survival and gathering work and clients. So, yes, I am proud of promoting me and my clients! ;-)

Here is my Facebook business page for your perusal; please send yourself or leads my way for marketing, writing, editing...the whole gamut of my services>

On the Causes end of the spectrum, giving yourself and your time to a cause and effecting change, saving a dog, making others worldwide aware of a horrific situation such as my Santorini dogs' group -- all this keeps one sane and makes you very useful and necessary in the big scheme of are some of my passions on Facebook...

Heading up a cause near and dear to my heart after living in Oia village on Santorini isle in Greece in 2006 for a marketing consultancy and learning of these atrocities on Santorini and all over Greece. Tourists, beware and be informed and prepared to perhaps bring a dog home with you. Saving them one by one!
Save Santorini's Dogs...Stop the Poisonings:

Creator/admin on:

Save Santorini's Dogs...Stop the Poisonings
(4,583 members)

(18,470 members)

(266,286 members from 111+ countries achieved in one month with colleagues on this site)

To Honor Buddy "Tell 'Em Buddy Sent You"
(12,930 members)

Waggin & Braggin!
(852 members)

Justice for Holly, Port St. Lucie, Florida
(3,050 members)

Justice for LBD (Little Brown Dog), Knoxville TN
(8,907 members)

Stand up and be counted. TAKE ACTION to improve NC Animal Shelters
(3,950 members)

Photo 1: Anna Papanikolaoy (she lives in Oia and is the dogs' hero, big time) and I in Oia village, Santorini, Greece, Sept. 2009
Check out our Santorini dogs' group via link above in blog!!!

Photo 2: With street dog in Fira central, Santorini, Greece, September 2009

Photo 3: Monolithos Beach on Santorini island, Greece, my last day on the island for vacation Sept. 23, 2009

Photo 4: Hanging out in Delphi, Greece, after a biggggg climb up the hill! Land of the Oracles! Stunning area!

Why not make waves with your connections all over the world?! ;-) Happy surfing!

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