Saturday, January 15, 2011

For Richer or Poorer...

Richer or poorer is not just for weddings anymore. Perhaps this phrase has even more relevance for the singles of the world who must find a way to survive and thrive on their own. Single-income households, no husband or wife supporting the roost, maybe no significant other. I must preface this all with "thank God for good friends."

In nirvanic circumstances, making it through the unexpected and unwelcome quagmire can be accomplished; in a spiraling economy, not so much so.

Think about what you have done and are doing to stay on top of things -- mortgage and ever-growing stacks of bills, keeping food and shelter in your life, omitting all travel and adding stay-cations right in your own home for a cheaper trip (a decent wine makes these seem more appealing and optimal), affording pet care, tending to family concerns...the list in infinite and styled based on each one of us and what our demands, needs and wishes are...all food for thought...and since it has become so damn hard to keep food on the table, the power of the mind is the best nutrition we've got. ;-)

I will be sharing my journey, which is at times humorous and at other times it ain't so pretty!

More to come... ;-)

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  1. I will be happy to share your journey. This is the first blog I have ever looked at so we are starting our journey together so to speak. My face book handle is Ron POP Ferlazzo.